We deal with criminal, family, civil cases, and proceedings against the police. We undertake national and international work in order to assist in the abuses taking place as a result of the so called alleged war on Terror.

We deal with numerous high profile and complex cases, as is reported in the press continuously.
We have a wealth of experience in dealing with anti-terrorism cases; we represented Sulayman Zain-ul-abidin the first Muslim to be charged, tried and acquitted after September 11th in the UK.

We also represented Sheikh Abu Hamza in the Finsbury Park mosque and when he was arrested under the Terrorism Act, we are still representing Sheikh Abu Hamza in respect of the novel provisions under the Immigration and Nationality Asylum Act 2002 whereby he is the first person to be deprived of his British Nationality.

We are also representing Sheikh Abu Hamza in respect of his Extradition case which is the first case of its kind under the new Extradition Act 2003.

We are representing a British detainee being held in Guantanamo Bay.

We are instructed by the family of Asif Hanif (alleged suicide bomber) to represent their son.

We have also appeared in the media as an expert/commentator on issues relating to terrorism and the Muslim community.We are authors of a ‘Know Your Rights’ leaflet published by the Islamic Human Rights Commission as shown on Panorama, which has been distributed widely amongst the Muslim community since the Anti-Terrorism Crime and Security Act 2001 came into force which informs individuals of their rights under extended police stop and search powers.

We have also produced the second leaflet "Know your Rights part 11" high lighting the concerns relating to Schedule 7 Of Terrorism Act 2000 & Immigration Nationality and Asylum Act 2002 section 40.We have been a tireless advocate of civil liberties over many years. We have spent the last few years in particular working with a deeply disenfranchised community that has come under intense scrutiny and harassment i.e. the British Muslim community.

We offered pro bono advice and services to people who have been approached by Special Branch or MI5. These people are often ‘unpopular’ not only in the eyes of ‘mainstream’ society but within the community themselves. Such persons who are doubly marginalised have been the constituency with most disaffection for legal systems and political establishments.

We work with the client group has impacted on the sensibilities of some of the groups that these people come from in establishing that there are ways of addressing violations of rights and liberties through established processes.

The harassment faced by many Muslims in the last year has extended too many people outside of the above category. Again such people have often felt disenfranchised from mainstream processes. Whilst these processes are arguably deeply flawed, we have been able to make use of these processes to engage these communities in addressing violations of their civil liberties.

We worked on the Suleyman Zaina ul Abedin case (prosecution under the Anti-Terrorism Act 2000), despite intense pressure from within the Muslim community not to take on a controversial case, and intense public and media hostility to the client and the case. our persistence was rewarded by his acquittal on 9th August 2002. This victory was a significant step against the recent erosion of civil and political rights in the UK and a blow against the current trend of ‘thought policing’ undertaken by media and state

We have dealt with some of the following High profile cases:

Finsbury park mosque case when the Trustees attempted to oust Sheikh Abu Hamza from the mosque - case fought in the high court Sheikh Abu Hamza not ousted from the mosque (1998)


Sheikh Abu Hamza and Sulayman Zain ul abiden were arrested under the Terrorism Act, and served with explanation orders – case was challenged and won. (1999).


Represented Steve Richards’s author who writes about famous criminals like Charles Bronson - injunctions proceeding in the high court was obtained to prevent the public viewing the video footage showing Charles Bronson being beaten by prison officers. Yet the public is fooled into believing that nothing is concealed from them (2000/1) So much for the so called "freedom of speech", "free world" and "democratic society that we live in". It seems these things are only privileges to people who don’t have an opinion.


Represented Abdul Salam - South Africa client in the UK in June 2001.


Represented individuals arrested in connection with Zacarias Moussaoui the alleged 20th terrorist held and detained in USA.(2001/2)


Represented individuals in relation to investigations relating to Israel bombing by the British Muslims recently (2003)


Represented the wife, sister, and brother in law, of the top ten al-Qa'eda's men in respect of investigations under the Terrorism Act (2002/3)


Represented British national who was taken by the Jordanians and secured his release after two week in detention (2002)


Representing the al-Qa'eda's "bear" in Morocco who has been taken by USA at the present moment whereabouts unknown (2002/3) continuing


Representing one British detainee in Cuba and one Yemen held in Cuba, by the USA. ( 2001/2/3)


Representing numerous individuals who have been approached by M15 (1999, 2001-2003)


Represented 5 out of 8 individuals arrested on the high profile shooting case in Birmingham all five we represented were released without charge (18th March 2003)


Representing the individuals arrested recently in relation to the suspension of British Airways flights to Nairobi. BA had only recently recommenced flights to Nairobi, following "credible intelligence of a serious threat", from al-Qa’eda undiminished capacity to threaten Western global interests. (14th May 2003)


Represented Ray Betson the main person arrested for millennium dome robbery in the court of appeal ( withdrew from representing him in September 2003)


Representing numerous individuals who have been detained abroad (2002- 2003)


Represented the high profile raid of the Algerians arrested (30th September 2003) represented him in court, indictment quashed on the 21 May 2004.


Representing numerous individuals who have been detained abroad


Represented the four south east defendants released without charge and one person who was assaulted by the police.( 2nd December 2003) where the police officer stated "Where is your God now"


Attended and spoke at the Muslim forum meeting at Scotland Yard in relation to the arrest and the effects on the Muslim communities. (10th December 2003)


Represented the Muslim who was recently detained in Jordan for 6 weeks and released after being torched questioned under schedule 7 of Terrorism Act 2000. (17 December 2003)


Represented one of the British men who was arrested in Yemen in 1998 and released 24th December 2003 after fives years in prison in Yemen. (24th December 2003)


Represented 7 out of the 9 people who were arrested as a result of the crawly raids that took place on the 30th March 2004. 3 released without charge on 8th April 2004 other 4 charged trials pending at the Old Bailey.


Represented Sheikh Abu Hamza on the 27th May 2004 as a result of his arrest at the request of the USA regarding him being extradited to USA under the new Extradition Act 2003. First case of this kind to be dealt with in the UK.